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Business Category Archives: Professional Services


107 Main St, Morris, MB R0G 1K0
Phone#: (204) 746-2321

AJ Dickson Tax services

Phone: 204-746-2831
Email: ajd@mts.net
3 – 158 Boyne Ave West
Morris MB R0G 1K0

Home Town Financial Services

Ray Shaw
Business: 204-746-2663
Cell: 204-746-5303
Fax: 204-746-2127
Email: hometwn1@mts.net
125 Main St
Morris R0G 1K0

Rainbow Income Tax Services

Helga Rose Hoeppner
Phone: 204-746-7487
Fax: 204-746-7406
Email: rits@mts.net
7-158 Boyne Ave West
Morris Manitoba R0G 1K0

Brook Stone Financial Services

Matt Rietze
Phone:  204-802-4711
Fax: 204-746-8324
email:  brookstonefs@gmail.com
website:  www.brookstonefs.com
Box 472
Morris, MB  R0G 1K0

Schulz Plumbing & Drain

Matthew Schulz
Phone: 204-898-0607
337 3rd Street
Box 222, Morris, MB  R0G 1K0

Bank of Montreal

Branch Manager: 204-746-2252
Phone: 204-746-2321
107 Main Street South
Morris MB R0G 1K0

Bruce Gregory Law Office

Bruce Gregory

Phone: 204-746-2179
Fax: 204-746-2885
Email: bgregory@mts.net
164 Boyne Avenue West
Box 811
Morris MB R0G 1K0

Access Credit Union Limited

Dennis Matthies

Phone: 204-746-2391
Fax: 204-746-2243
Email: dennis.matthies@accesscu.ca

Website: www.accesscu.ca
100 Main Street
Box 730
Morris MB R0G 1K0

PC @ Work + Play

Rob Gemmell
Phone: 204-746-2746
Email: rgemmell@mymts.net
Morris MB R0G 1K0