Volunteer Food Handler Training



Volunteer Food Handler Training


Saturday November 28 9-4 South Hall – Morris Multiplex

Brought to you by Morris Area Recreation and Healthy Together Now:

Free for Volunteers who work in the non-profit sector

MB Food Handlers Course

Certified MB Health Instructor Rob Mancini; Host of Food Network/HGTV series Kitchen Crimes.
Rob will share tips and advice on what you can do to ensure you keep you and your family safe form foodborne illness.

  • This course is recommended for all owners, managers and supervisors of food service establishments and food service personnel who are responsible for the receiving, preparing and serving of food.
  • Food Service Establishments with 5 food handlers are required to have at least 1 staff member who has successfully completed the Food Handler Certification.
  • Food Service Establishments with more than 5 food handlers working at any one time must have a person who has successfully completed the Food Handler Certification on duty at all times.

Course Outline


  • Basic introduction to food microbiology

Foodborne Illness

  • Common foodborne illnesses, their causes and preventative measures

Health and Hygiene

  • Proper personal hygienic practices and good health

Serving and Dispensing

  • Proper techniques for food service and display

Food Protection

  • Safe food preparation and handling procedures

Receiving and Storage

  • Factors involved in receiving and storing food

Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • Correct dishwashing facilities, techniques, approved  sanitizers and proper utensil storage


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