Terms and Conditions

After you purchase an online membership please email us to set up a time to get a fob.

Memberships are non transferable and non refundable. 

  1.  Cancellations are accepted for members who sign up for one year (Monthly payments), the cancellation fee is $40.00.
    In event of a closure all automatic payments will stop and continue when we reopen.
    All memberships paid in full, additional closure time will be added to the end of your membership. 
  2. All members will require a fob to access the gym.
    All members wishing to access the Morris Wellness Centre  will be required to leave a $10 deposit (refundable)  for the FOB upon registration. This $10 deposit will be refunded to members upon their expiration date (when card is returned). The card will be disabled at midnight of the expiration date specified on membership card.
  3. Children under the age of 12 will not be allowed in the facility.
  4. At NO time shall children 12-15 be left unattended in the Morris Wellness Centre.
  5. Children ages 12-15 years  MUST be accompanied by an adult. If children aged 12-15 are found to be using the Morris Wellness Centre without adult supervision they will be asked to leave immediately.
  6. There is a $5 fee for Drop-ins. Please deposit the money in the lock box in the Wellness Centre lobby. If found on video surveillance that members are bringing friends who are not signing in or paying, the paid member will have their membership revoked and will not be allowed to return to the Morris Wellness Centre.
  7. Members who are 17 years of age or under are NOT allowed to sign in guests.
  8. If any member is found to be displaying inappropriate behavior towards other members, the equipment or the building structure, their membership may be revoked and they will not be allowed to return to the Morris Wellness Centre.
  9. At any time a membership is revoked, the full fee agreed upon registration will still be required to be paid in full and the checks will be cashed.
  10. Please consult a physician before engaging in physical activity. The Morris Wellness Centre shall not claim any responsibility for any persons who are injured due to excessive exercise or strain due to present physical ability or physical limitations.
  11. Terms and conditions are subject to change at anytime. By signing up for the gym membership you agreed to the following terms and conditions.
  12. By purchasing a MWC membership you agree to follow  the rules posted at the main entrance the facility.Edited 01-01-2021
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Registration for Recreation Programs are separate transactions from Wellness subscriptions.